About Us

Who We Are

We are a Canadian company raised on prairie grass, big skies, and open roads. We have been riding motorcycles for decades, and we’ve scraped our palms enough along the way to know what we are looking for in a good riding glove.
Our company was built on small-business values and sustainable utilization of resources. Our gloves are made from the hides of bison raised exclusively on the Canadian prairies. They are hand-cut, stitched, dyed, and branded in small batches in a single shop in a southern Manitoba colony.

We make our gloves with your palms, our community, and the future in mind. We will never sacrifice quality for quantity, and we will always honor the work that goes into something well-made.
Whether into the prairie sunset or around a mountain pass, we wish you safe travels. Ride on, friends.


Buffalo Moto was founded by Canadian adventurer, Ron Dicksen.
Though he loved the prairies he was raised on, Ron was a restless soul, and in 2012 he embarked on a year-long Pan-American motorcycle tour. During his travels he crashed his Triumph Bonneville more times than he could remember. Trying desperately to recall the Spanish word for 'gloves' in the small Argentinian mountain towns proved to be a challenge, and Ron rode on with a cheap pair that disintegrated upon palming the pavement. What he needed was strong, durable gloves that could withstand cold weather and a bit of gravel. Eventually Ron returned home to find that the best material, bison hide, was raised and grazed in his own back yard. Buffalo Moto was born.